Yiyorum Büyüyorum Kitap Sayfası

Reklam Verin

Reklam Verin

A Quick Look At Yiyorum Buyuyorum & YiyorumBuyuyorum.com

Yiyorum Büyüyorum
Reşit Galip Caddesi
Gölgeli Sok. #8
GOP, Ankara, 06700
Türkiye (Turkey)

Contact Directory:
 Public Relations
email: pr [AT] yiyorumbuyuyorum.com

 Reklam / Advertising
email: reklam [AT] yiyorumbuyuyorum.com

 The Site:
The YiyorumBuyuyorum.com web site is a rapidly growing gathering point for young parents with toddlers.
Interested in advertising with us?
Please contact our Advertising Dept. for site statistics and user demographics.

 The Book:
Yiyorum Büyüyorum is written by Mrs. Zumrut Ozkan Anjuere and published by Alfa Yayinevi.
Yiyorum Büyüyorum is widely available in stores across Turkey as well as online bookstores; the book has been ranked within the top 10 of its distributors eversince its original print, and is currently in its third print.


Traditional Points of Sale:

  • D&R
  • Dost Kitap Evi
  • İmge
  • Pandora
  • Paşabahçe
  • Toys R Us

Online / Webstores:



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